Las Vegas Casino Shows

Las Vegas calls itself the entertainment capital of the world and many casinos will charge you for it. Some of the best attractions in Vegas are free! The Circus midway has shown once an hour from top circus performers around the world. At the Rio they have an amazing show in the casino which runs frequently. Downtown has a wonderful light show above the mall, and again it’s free! Two other great attractions are the pirate show at Treasure Island and the fountains at the Belagio. In fact walking through the casinos and seeing the decor and themes can be a thrill in itself. You really can see Vegas for very little, but it is designed to make you spend money.

The expensive shows which include many put together by Cirque du Soleil are very much worth the money even if they do run over $100. They are packed with amazing choreography and acrobatics that you will not see anywhere else. Often time’s casinos will pay for shows for those that gamble, or are willing to put up with time share presentations. Though I would not recommend this, many people are able to get a great value out of their time in Vegas by gathering free comps by getting players club cards, and finding great deals. Just use common sense and making the casino pay you. Beware of the casino’s point totals as they can be very confusing, and often times are not a very good deal. Or you can even have more information to know when you do some research about playing online casino. Alternatively, you can learn about free spins online!

My wife and I like deals where you pay $10 and get $15 in play. We play our $15 then cash in when we are done. Go to the player’s club station and ask them if they have an incentive for you to sign up for a card. First time players are often treated to very good deals on food and playing. We also like to play very conservatively and take advantage of the free cocktails they offer. Please leave the cocktail waitress at least a dollar, and she will be glad to take care of you. We learned to cover half the board on a roulette wheel with only four chips and break even nearly every game. For a mere $10 I was able to play for nearly an hour.

I also like playing slots since I do not really need to develop a complex strategy. I will say though if you play a small amount every spin I am able to play much longer, and can enjoy my time more in a casino. In all honesty though its hard to get a big payoff on a nickel (although I did win $75 one time on one nickel).

In the end it can be very inexpensive to have a great time in Las Vegas, or you can spend all your savings as well as your kid’s college fund, it’s all up to you! You will be the one responsible for your expenses, don’t blame other when you got into trouble. Good Luck! If you want to practice first, you can always play online for free. Find out more about how free spins work today.